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I have to thank you.


I want to first reach out by saying what a pleasure it is to have you as a loyal client, and that’s something I am very grateful for.


Since our salon opening, over the past 6 years, I’ve been lucky to work with some awesome

people and become friends as a result of our time together. It’s been quite a ride!


I’m in your inbox today to tell you about a few changes.


As you know 2022 has already been full of changes for all of us and it has also been a learning experience for me.


Because of this, I am creating a system that will streamline my schedule and policies making it easier for you to book your appointments while creating a better experience while you are in the salon, which allows more time for me to focus on you and your hair. Due to this, you will see a change in service offerings and my rates will be higher than the last time we were together.


Thank you for being more than just a client, but for being my extended family. I would still love to see you and have you in the salon.


Effective April 1st, my services & prices will be changing. I will also start implementing clear policies so that we all have clear expectations (no surprises). Prior to the start of your appointment we will go over the policies and changes that may or may not affect your price.


Some of these changes are coming about due to the drastic increase in supply costs. We have tried to put off these changes hoping our cost would see a decline but instead there has been the opposite effect. Like everything else gas groceries etc. our supply prices have went up. Just one example of this, Pre-covid a box of gloves we use for every color service, was 9.99, they now cost 27.99. The price of a tube of color has nearly doubled.

I also would like for you to know these price increase do not equal a pay raise for us, these prices are happening to keep our doors open and continue to provide our services to you.


We have spent years giving complimentary conditioning treatments, gloss treatments, eyebrow tinting, etc to our regulars, but after reflecting on our bottom line, those services are hurting our business and creating a loss. It costs each stylist money to do a service before you even sit in the chair. We must have the product, supplies and equipment, pay rent, insurance, and be able to offer all the amenities you are accustomed to in the salon. In order to provide you with the same great services you are used to our prices and policies will have to change. 



As a thanks to loyal customers like you, I’ll be offering a complimentary conditioning treatments on the next service you book. You will need to book by
April 15th. Please know the appointment does not have to fall within the week and the complimentary treatment does not apply to existing appointments.



Here’s a link where you can check out our prices & my full suite of services (and some new exciting offerings.)


Thank you again all your support and shared excitement. Your support means the world to me.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.



Live Life in Fabulous Hair!


Julie + Jessica

Olive + Jules Hair Co.

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